TimescaleDB API Reference

TimescaleDB is an open-source relational database for time-series data. We focus on making high volume time-series data fast and efficient on top of the solid foundation of PostgreSQL.

To manage the various aspects of TimescaleDB, you need to become familiar with the special SQL functions and VIEWs that we provide, as documented within the API reference.

If you're new to TimescaleDB, consider following our Getting Started guide and our comprehensive documentation to help you become more familiar with what makes TimescaleDB tick and how you can be empowered to find new insights in your time-series data. To dig in further, consider reading:

  • Core Concepts: This section describes the architecture of TimescaleDB and outlines the details of each major feature area.
  • How-to Guides: A broad set of how-to guides grouped by TimescaleDB features aimed at helping you accomplish a specific task.
  • Tutorials: A growing list of tutorials that help you complete a larger project using data as your guide. Mining Cryptocurrency insights? Learning about time-series forecasting? Setting up a monitoring solution using Prometheus and TimescaleDB? We have tutorials for all of this and more!

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