TimescaleDB API referenceContinuous aggregates

Get detailed information about disk space used by a hypertable or continuous aggregate, returning size information for the table itself, any indexes on the table, any toast tables, and the total size of all. All sizes are reported in bytes. If the function is executed on a distributed hypertable, it returns size information as a separate row per node, including the access node.


When a continuous aggregate name is provided, the function transparently looks up the backing hypertable and returns its statistics instead.

For more information about using hypertables, including chunk size partitioning, see the hypertable section.

hypertableREGCLASSHypertable or continuous aggregate to show detailed size of.
table_bytesBIGINTDisk space used by main_table (like pg_relation_size(main_table))
index_bytesBIGINTDisk space used by indexes
toast_bytesBIGINTDisk space of toast tables
total_bytesBIGINTTotal disk space used by the specified table, including all indexes and TOAST data
node_nameTEXTFor distributed hypertables, this is the user-given name of the node for which the size is reported. NULL is returned for the access node and non-distributed hypertables.

If executed on a relation that is not a hypertable, the function returns NULL.

Get the size information for a hypertable.

-- disttable is a distributed hypertable --
SELECT * FROM hypertable_detailed_size('disttable') ORDER BY node_name;
table_bytes | index_bytes | toast_bytes | total_bytes | node_name
16384 | 40960 | 0 | 57344 | data_node_1
8192 | 24576 | 0 | 32768 | data_node_2
0 | 8192 | 0 | 8192 |

The access node is listed without a user-given node name. Normally, the access node holds no data, but still maintains, for example, index information that occupies a small amount of disk space.


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