Create a policy that automatically refreshes a continuous aggregate.

Required Arguments

continuous_aggregateREGCLASSThe continuous aggregate to add the policy for.
start_offsetINTERVAL or integerStart of the refresh window as an interval relative to the time when the policy is executed
end_offsetINTERVAL or integerEnd of the refresh window as an interval relative to the time when the policy is executed
schedule_intervalINTERVALInterval between refresh executions in wall-clock time.

The start_offset should be greater than end_offset. The start_offset and end_offset parameters should be specified differently depending on the type of the time column of the hypertable:

  • For hypertables with TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPTZ, and DATE time columns: the offset should be an INTERVAL type
  • For hypertables with integer-based timestamps: the offset should be an integer type.

Optional Arguments

if_not_existsBOOLEANSet to true to avoid throwing an error if the continuous aggregate policy already exists. A notice is issued instead. Defaults to false.


job_idINTEGERTimescaleDB background job id created to implement this policy

Sample Usage

Add a policy that refreshes the last month once an hour, excluding the latest hour from the aggregate (for performance reasons, it is recommended to exclude buckets that still see lots of writes):

SELECT add_continuous_aggregate_policy('conditions_summary',
    start_offset => INTERVAL '1 month',
    end_offset => INTERVAL '1 hour',
    schedule_interval => INTERVAL '1 hour');

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