Timescale extends PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics, so you can build faster, scale further, and stay under budget.

The easiest way to discover and use Timescale for time-series is with Timescale Cloud, which offers hosted high-performance PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics.

Try for free on Timescale

Your Timescale trial is completely free for you to use for the first thirty days. This gives you enough time to complete all the tutorials and run a few test projects of your own.

Try for free

However, if you want to run Timescale locally on your own hardware, you can download the TimescaleDB PostgreSQL extension. For information about installing self-hosted TimescaleDB, the self-hosted installation section.

Self-hosted TimescaleDB is community supported. For additional help with your self-hosted installation, check out the friendly Timescale community.

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