TimescaleDB is an extension for PostgreSQL that enables time-series workloads, increasing ingest, query, storage and analytics performance.

Best practice is to run TimescaleDB in a Timescale Service, but if you want to self-host you can run TimescaleDB yourself.

Want to skip these steps?

Deploy a Timescale service in the cloud. We tune your database for performance and handle scalability, high availability, backups and management so you can relax.

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You can install self-hosted TimescaleDB for free from source, or a pre-built container. This guide provides instructions for installing the latest version of TimescaleDB. For more details about the latest release, see the release notes section.


Use Timescale

Timescale's cloud service is the easiest way to get started with TimescaleDB. Create single and multi-node services in one click, enable replicas and forks, resize your compute and storage anytime, and forget about manual backups and data recovery.

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