Timescale is a cloud-based PostgreSQL platform for resource-intensive workloads. We help you build faster, scale further, and stay under budget. Timescale offers the following PostgreSQL database optimizations:

  • Time-series data: a TimescaleDB instance optimized for your time-series and analytics workloads. Get automated dynamic data partitioning, hybrid row-columnar storage, advanced compression techniques, incremental up-to-date materializations, and specialized analysis functions as well as cloud-only features like transparent tiering and low-cost object storage.

  • All other workloads: a Dynamic PostgreSQL instance where you select a compute range, only paying for the base and the amount of extra CPU as you scale.

All databases are extended with lightning fast vector search, and include all the cloud tooling you'd expect for production use, with automatic backups, high availability, read replicas, data forking, connection pooling, usage-based storage, and much more.

Each database instance in Timescale is called a service.

This section shows you how to:

  1. Create and connect to a Timescale service
  2. Ingest some real financial data into your database
  3. Construct some interesting queries Try out some live queries
  4. Create and query a continuous aggregates

Already know the basics? See the more advanced tutorials, or see how to Use Timescale.

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