Hypertables are PostgreSQL tables that automatically partition your data by time. You interact with hypertables in the same way as regular PostgreSQL tables, but with extra features that makes managing your time-series data much easier.

In Timescale, hypertables exist alongside regular PostgreSQL tables. Use hypertables to store time-series data. This gives you improved insert and query performance, and access to useful time-series features. Use regular PostgreSQL tables for other relational data.

With hypertables, Timescale makes it easy to improve insert and query performance by partitioning time-series data on its time parameter. Behind the scenes, the database performs the work of setting up and maintaining the hypertable's partitions. Meanwhile, you insert and query your data as if it all lives in a single, regular PostgreSQL table.

For more information about using hypertables, including chunk size partitioning, see the hypertable section.


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