Detach a tablespace from one or more hypertables. This only means that new chunks will not be placed on the detached tablespace. This is useful, for instance, when a tablespace is running low on disk space and one would like to prevent new chunks from being created in the tablespace. The detached tablespace itself and any existing chunks with data on it will remain unchanged and will continue to work as before, including being available for queries. Note that newly inserted data rows may still be inserted into an existing chunk on the detached tablespace since existing data is not cleared from a detached tablespace. A detached tablespace can be reattached if desired to once again be considered for chunk placement.

Required Arguments

tablespaceTEXTTablespace to detach.

When giving only the tablespace name as argument, the given tablespace will be detached from all hypertables that the current role has the appropriate permissions for. Therefore, without proper permissions, the tablespace may still receive new chunks after this command is issued.

Optional Arguments

hypertableREGCLASSHypertable to detach a the tablespace from.
if_attachedBOOLEANSet to true to avoid throwing an error if the tablespace is not attached to the given table. A notice is issued instead. Defaults to false.

When specifying a specific hypertable, the tablespace will only be detached from the given hypertable and thus may remain attached to other hypertables.

Sample Usage

Detach the tablespace disk1 from the hypertable conditions:

SELECT detach_tablespace('disk1', 'conditions');
SELECT detach_tablespace('disk2', 'conditions', if_attached => true);

Detach the tablespace disk1 from all hypertables that the current user has permissions for:

SELECT detach_tablespace('disk1');

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