This function is only relevant for hypertables with integer (as opposed to TIMESTAMP/TIMESTAMPTZ/DATE) time values. For such hypertables, it sets a function that returns the now() value (current time) in the units of the time column. This is necessary for running some policies on integer-based tables. In particular, many policies only apply to chunks of a certain age and a function that returns the current time is necessary to determine the age of a chunk.

Required arguments

main_tableREGCLASSHypertable to set the integer now function for .
integer_now_funcREGPROCA function that returns the current time value in the same units as the time column.

Optional arguments

replace_if_existsBOOLEANWhether to override the function if one is already set. Defaults to false.

Sample usage

To set the integer now function for a hypertable with a time column in unix time (number of seconds since the unix epoch, UTC).

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION unix_now() returns BIGINT LANGUAGE SQL STABLE as $$ SELECT extract(epoch from now())::BIGINT $$;
SELECT set_integer_now_func('test_table_bigint', 'unix_now');

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