Get information about the disk space used by the chunks belonging to a hypertable, returning size information for each chunk table, any indexes on the chunk, any toast tables, and the total size associated with the chunk. All sizes are reported in bytes.

If the function is executed on a distributed hypertable, it returns disk space usage information as a separate row per node. The access node is not included since it doesn't have any local chunk data.

Additional metadata associated with a chunk can be accessed via the timescaledb_information.chunks view.

hypertableREGCLASSName of the hypertable
chunk_schemaTEXTSchema name of the chunk
chunk_nameTEXTName of the chunk
table_bytesBIGINTDisk space used by the chunk table
index_bytesBIGINTDisk space used by indexes
toast_bytesBIGINTDisk space of toast tables
total_bytesBIGINTTotal disk space used by the chunk, including all indexes and TOAST data
node_nameTEXTNode for which size is reported, applicable only to distributed hypertables

If executed on a relation that is not a hypertable, the function returns NULL.

SELECT * FROM chunks_detailed_size('dist_table')
ORDER BY chunk_name, node_name;
chunk_schema | chunk_name | table_bytes | index_bytes | toast_bytes | total_bytes | node_name
_timescaledb_internal | _dist_hyper_1_1_chunk | 8192 | 32768 | 0 | 40960 | data_node_1
_timescaledb_internal | _dist_hyper_1_2_chunk | 8192 | 32768 | 0 | 40960 | data_node_2
_timescaledb_internal | _dist_hyper_1_3_chunk | 8192 | 32768 | 0 | 40960 | data_node_3


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