TimescaleDB allows you to move data and indexes to different tablespaces. This allows you to move data to more cost-effective storage as it ages.

The move_chunk function acts like a combination of the PostgreSQL CLUSTER command and PostgreSQL ALTER TABLE...SET TABLESPACE commands. Unlike these PostgreSQL commands, however, the move_chunk function uses lower lock levels so that the chunk and hypertable are able to be read for most of the process. This comes at a cost of slightly higher disk usage during the operation. For a more detailed discussion of this capability, see the documentation on managing storage with tablespaces.


You must be logged in as a super user, such as the postgres user, to use the move_chunk() call.

chunkREGCLASSName of chunk to be moved
destination_tablespaceNAMETarget tablespace for chunk being moved
index_destination_tablespaceNAMETarget tablespace for index associated with the chunk you are moving
reorder_indexREGCLASSThe name of the index (on either the hypertable or chunk) to order by
verboseBOOLEANSetting to true displays messages about the progress of the move_chunk command. Defaults to false.
SELECT move_chunk(
chunk => '_timescaledb_internal._hyper_1_4_chunk',
destination_tablespace => 'tablespace_2',
index_destination_tablespace => 'tablespace_3',
reorder_index => 'conditions_device_id_time_idx',
verbose => TRUE


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