Get detailed information about approximate disk space used by a hypertable or continuous aggregate, returning size information for the table itself, any indexes on the table, any toast tables, and the total size of all. All sizes are reported in bytes.

When a continuous aggregate name is provided, the function transparently looks up the backing hypertable and returns its approximate size statistics instead.


This function relies on the per backend caching using the in-built PostgreSQL storage manager layer to compute the approximate size cheaply. The PG cache invalidation clears off the cached size for a chunk when DML happens into it. That size cache is thus able to get the latest size in a matter of minutes. Also, due to the backend caching, any long running session will only fetch latest data for new or modified chunks and can use the cached data (which is calculated afresh the first time around) effectively for older chunks. Thus it is recommended to use a single connected postgres backend session to compute the approximate sizes of hypertables to get faster results.

For more information about using hypertables, including chunk size partitioning, see the hypertable section.

hypertableREGCLASSHypertable or continuous aggregate to show detailed approximate size of.
table_bytesBIGINTApproximate disk space used by main_table (like pg_relation_size(main_table))
index_bytesBIGINTApproximate disk space used by indexes
toast_bytesBIGINTApproximate disk space of toast tables
total_bytesBIGINTApproximate total disk space used by the specified table, including all indexes and TOAST data

If executed on a relation that is not a hypertable, the function returns NULL.

Get the approximate size information for a hypertable.

SELECT * FROM hypertable_approximate_detailed_size('hyper_table');
table_bytes | index_bytes | toast_bytes | total_bytes
8192 | 24576 | 32768 | 65536


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