Create a policy to reorder chunks on a given hypertable index in the background. (See reorder_chunk). Only one reorder policy may exist per hypertable. Only chunks that are the third from the most recent are reordered to avoid reordering chunks that are still being inserted into.


Once a chunk has been reordered by the background worker it is not reordered again. So if one were to insert significant amounts of data in to older chunks that have already been reordered, it might be necessary to manually re-run the reorderchunk function on older chunks, or to drop and re-create the policy if many older chunks have been affected.

Required arguments

hypertableREGCLASSHypertable to create the policy for.
index_nameTEXTExisting index by which to order rows on disk.

Optional arguments

if_not_existsBOOLEANSet to true to avoid throwing an error if the reorder_policy already exists. A notice is issued instead. Defaults to false.


job_idINTEGERTimescaleDB background job id created to implement this policy

Sample usage

SELECT add_reorder_policy('conditions', 'conditions_device_id_time_idx');

Creates a policy to reorder completed chunks by the existing (device_id, time) index. (See reorder_chunk).

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