Get metadata information about hypertables.

For more information about using hypertables, including chunk size partitioning, see the hypertable section.

hypertable_schemaTEXTSchema name of the hypertable
hypertable_nameTEXTTable name of the hypertable
ownerTEXTOwner of the hypertable
num_dimensionsSMALLINTNumber of dimensions
num_chunksBIGINTNumber of chunks
compression_enabledBOOLEANIs compression enabled on the hypertable?
is_distributedBOOLEANIs the hypertable distributed?
replication_factorSMALLINTReplication factor for a distributed hypertable
data_nodesTEXTNodes on which hypertable is distributed
tablespacesTEXTTablespaces attached to the hypertable

Get information about a hypertable.

CREATE TABLE dist_table(time timestamptz, device int, temp float);
SELECT create_distributed_hypertable('dist_table', 'time', 'device', replication_factor => 2);
SELECT * FROM timescaledb_information.hypertables
WHERE hypertable_name = 'dist_table';
-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+-----------
hypertable_schema | public
hypertable_name | dist_table
owner | postgres
num_dimensions | 2
num_chunks | 3
compression_enabled | f
is_distributed | t
replication_factor | 2
data_nodes | {node_1, node_2}
tablespaces |


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