Shows information about compression settings for each chunk that has compression enabled on it.

hypertableREGCLASSHypertable which has compression enabled
chunkREGCLASSChunk which has compression enabled
segmentbyTEXTList of columns used for segmenting the compressed data
orderbyTEXTList of columns used for ordering compressed data along with ordering and NULL ordering information

Show compression settings for all chunks:

SELECT * FROM timescaledb_information.chunk_compression_settings'
hypertable | measurements
chunk | _timescaledb_internal._hyper_1_1_chunk
segmentby |
orderby | "time" DESC

Find all chunk compression settings for a specific hypertable:

SELECT * FROM timescaledb_information.chunk_compression_settings WHERE hypertable::TEXT LIKE 'metrics';
hypertable | metrics
chunk | _timescaledb_internal._hyper_2_3_chunk
segmentby | metric_id
orderby | "time"


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