Get information about compression-related settings for hypertables. Each row of the view provides information about individual orderby and segmentby columns used by compression.

Available Columns

hypertable_schemaTEXTSchema name of the hypertable
hypertable_nameTEXTTable name of the hypertable
attnameTEXTName of the column used in the compression settings
segmentby_column_indexSMALLINTPosition of attname in the compress_segmentby list
orderby_column_indexSMALLINTPosition of attname in the compress_orderby list
orderby_ascBOOLEANTrue if this is used for order by ASC, False for order by DESC
orderby_nullsfirstBOOLEANTrue if nulls are ordered first for this column, False if nulls are ordered last

Sample Usage

CREATE TABLE hypertab (a_col integer, b_col integer, c_col integer, d_col integer, e_col integer);
SELECT table_name FROM create_hypertable('hypertab', 'a_col');

ALTER TABLE hypertab SET (timescaledb.compress, timescaledb.compress_segmentby = 'a_col,b_col', 
  timescaledb.compress_orderby = 'c_col desc, d_col asc nulls last');

SELECT * FROM timescaledb_information.compression_settings WHERE hypertable_name = 'hypertab';

 hypertable_schema | hypertable_name | attname | segmentby_column_index | orderby_column_in
dex | orderby_asc | orderby_nullsfirst 
 public      | hypertab   | a_col   |                      1 |
    |             | 
 public      | hypertab   | b_col   |                      2 |
    |             | 
 public      | hypertab   | c_col   |                        |
  1 | f           | t
 public      | hypertab   | d_col   |                        |
  2 | t           | f
(4 rows)

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