Shows information and statistics about jobs run by the automation framework. This includes jobs set up for user defined actions and jobs run by policies created to manage data retention, continuous aggregates, compression, and other automation policies. (See policies). The statistics include information useful for administering jobs and determining whether they ought be rescheduled, such as: when and whether the background job used to implement the policy succeeded and when it is scheduled to run next.

hypertable_schemaTEXTSchema name of the hypertable
hypertable_nameTEXTTable name of the hypertable
job_idINTEGERThe id of the background job created to implement the policy
last_run_started_atTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONEStart time of the last job
last_successful_finishTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONETime when the job completed successfully
last_run_statusTEXTWhether the last run succeeded or failed
job_statusTEXTStatus of the job. Valid values are 'Running', 'Scheduled' and 'Paused'
last_run_durationINTERVALDuration of last run of the job
next_startTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONEStart time of the next run
total_runsBIGINTThe total number of runs of this job
total_successesBIGINTThe total number of times this job succeeded
total_failuresBIGINTThe total number of times this job failed

Get job success/failure information for a specific hypertable.

SELECT job_id, total_runs, total_failures, total_successes
FROM timescaledb_information.job_stats
WHERE hypertable_name = 'test_table';
job_id | total_runs | total_failures | total_successes
1001 | 1 | 0 | 1
1004 | 1 | 0 | 1
(2 rows)

Get information about continuous aggregate policy related statistics

timescaledb_information.job_stats js, timescaledb_information.continuous_aggregates cagg
WHERE cagg.view_name = 'max_mat_view_timestamp'
and cagg.materialization_hypertable_name = js.hypertable_name;
-[ RECORD 1 ]----------+------------------------------
hypertable_schema | _timescaledb_internal
hypertable_name | _materialized_hypertable_2
job_id | 1001
last_run_started_at | 2020-10-02 09:38:06.871953-04
last_successful_finish | 2020-10-02 09:38:06.932675-04
last_run_status | Success
job_status | Scheduled
last_run_duration | 00:00:00.060722
next_start | 2020-10-02 10:38:06.932675-04
total_runs | 1
total_successes | 1
total_failures | 0


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