Shows information about the jobs run by the automation framework. This includes jobs set up for user-defined actions, and jobs run by policies created to manage data retention, continuous aggregates, compression, and other automation policies. For more information about automation policies, see User-Defined Actions.

idINTEGERThe sequencial ID to identify the job execution
job_idINTEGERThe ID of the background job created to implement the policy
succeededBOOLEANTRUE when the job ran successfully, FALSE for failed executions
proc_schemaTEXTThe schema name of the function or procedure executed by the job
proc_nameTEXTThe name of the function or procedure executed by the job
pidINTEGERThe process ID of the background worker executing the job. This is NULL in the case of a job crash
start_timeTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONEThe time the job started
finish_timeTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONEThe time when the error was reported
configJSONBThe job configuration at the moment of execution
sqlerrcodeTEXTThe error code associated with this error, if any. See the official PostgreSQL documentation for a full list of error codes
err_messageTEXTThe detailed error message

To retrieve information about recent jobs:

SELECT job_id, pid, proc_schema, proc_name, succeeded, config, sqlerrcode, err_message
FROM timescaledb_information.job_history
ORDER BY id, job_id;
job_id | pid | proc_schema | proc_name | succeeded | config | sqlerrcode | err_message
1001 | 1779278 | public | custom_job_error | f | | 22012 | division by zero
1000 | 1779407 | public | custom_job_ok | t | | |
1001 | 1779408 | public | custom_job_error | f | | 22012 | division by zero
1000 | 1779467 | public | custom_job_ok | t | {"foo": 1} | |
1001 | 1779468 | public | custom_job_error | f | {"bar": 1} | 22012 | division by zero
(5 rows)

The timescaledb_information.job_history informational view is defined on top of the _timescaledb_internal.bgw_job_stat_history table in the internal schema. To prevent this table from growing too large, the Job History Log Retention Policy [3] system background job is enabled by default, with this configuration:

job_id | 3
application_name | Job History Log Retention Policy [3]
schedule_interval | 1 mon
max_runtime | 01:00:00
max_retries | -1
retry_period | 01:00:00
proc_schema | _timescaledb_functions
proc_name | policy_job_stat_history_retention
owner | owner must be a user with WRITE privilege on the table `_timescaledb_internal.bgw_job_stat_history`
scheduled | t
fixed_schedule | t
config | {"drop_after": "1 month"}
next_start | 2024-06-01 01:00:00+00
initial_start | 2000-01-01 00:00:00+00
hypertable_schema |
hypertable_name |
check_schema | _timescaledb_functions
check_name | policy_job_stat_history_retention_check

On Timescale and Managed Service for TimescaleDB, the owner of the job history retention job is tsdbadmin. In an on-premise installation, the owner of the job is the same as the extension owner. The owner of the retention job can alter it and delete it. For example, the owner can change the retention interval like this:

SELECT alter_job(id,config:=jsonb_set(config,'{drop_after}', '"2 weeks"')) FROM _timescaledb_config.bgw_job WHERE id = 3;


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