Get metadata and settings information for continuous aggregates.

hypertable_schemaTEXTSchema of the hypertable from the continuous aggregate view
hypertable_nameTEXTName of the hypertable from the continuous aggregate view
view_schemaTEXTSchema for continuous aggregate view
view_nameTEXTUser supplied name for continuous aggregate view
view_ownerTEXTOwner of the continuous aggregate view
materialized_onlyBOOLEANReturn only materialized data when querying the continuous aggregate view
compression_enabledBOOLEANIs compression enabled for the continuous aggregate view?
materialization_hypertable_schemaTEXTSchema of the underlying materialization table
materialization_hypertable_nameTEXTName of the underlying materialization table
view_definitionTEXTSELECT query for continuous aggregate view
finalizedBOOLEANWhether the continuous aggregate stores data in finalized or partial form. Since TimescaleDB 2.7, the default is finalized.
SELECT * FROM timescaledb_information.continuous_aggregates;
-[ RECORD 1 ]---------------------+-------------------------------------------------
hypertable_schema | public
hypertable_name | foo
view_schema | public
view_name | contagg_view
view_owner | postgres
materialized_only | f
compression_enabled | f
materialization_hypertable_schema | _timescaledb_internal
materialization_hypertable_name | _materialized_hypertable_2
view_definition | SELECT foo.a, +
| COUNT(foo.b) AS countb +
| FROM foo +
| GROUP BY (time_bucket('1 day', foo.a)), foo.a;
finalized | t


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