TimescaleDB API referenceContinuous aggregates

Remove refresh, compression, and data retention policies from a continuous aggregate. The removed compression and retention policies apply to the continuous aggregate, not to the original hypertable.

relation REGCLASS,
if_exists BOOL = false,
VARIADIC policy_names TEXT[] = NULL

To remove all policies on a continuous aggregate, see remove_all_policies().


Experimental features could have bugs. They might not be backwards compatible, and could be removed in future releases. Use these features at your own risk, and do not use any experimental features in production.

relationREGCLASSThe continuous aggregate to remove policies from
if_existsBOOLWhen true, prints a warning instead of erroring if the policy doesn't exist. Defaults to false.
policy_namesTEXTThe policies to remove. You can list multiple policies, separated by a comma. Allowed policy names are policy_refresh_continuous_aggregate, policy_compression, and policy_retention.

Returns true if successful.

Given a continuous aggregate named example_continuous_aggregate with a refresh policy and a data retention policy, remove both policies.

Throw an error if either policy doesn't exist. If the continuous aggregate has a compression policy, leave it unchanged:

SELECT timescaledb_experimental.remove_policies(


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