Multi-node support is deprecated.

TimescaleDB v2.13 is the last release that includes multi-node support for PostgreSQL versions 13, 14, and 15.

This function is executed on an access node to remove a data node from the local database. As part of the deletion, the data node is detached from all hypertables that are using it, if permissions and data integrity requirements are satisfied. For more information, see detach_data_node.

Deleting a data node is strictly a local operation; the data node itself is not affected and the corresponding remote database on the data node is left intact, including all its data. The operation is local to ensure it can complete even if the remote data node is not responding and to avoid unintentional data loss on the data node.


It is not possible to use add_data_node to add the same data node again without first deleting the database on the data node or using another database. This is to prevent adding a data node that was previously part of the same or another distributed database but is no longer synchronized.

An error is generated if the data node cannot be detached from all attached hypertables.

node_nameTEXTName of the data node.
if_existsBOOLEANPrevent error if the data node does not exist. Defaults to false.
forceBOOLEANForce removal of data nodes from hypertables unless that would result in data loss. Defaults to false.
repartitionBOOLEANMake the number of hash partitions equal to the new number of data nodes (if such partitioning exists). This ensures that the remaining data nodes are used evenly. Defaults to true.

A boolean indicating if the operation was successful or not.

To delete a data node named dn1:

SELECT delete_data_node('dn1');


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