Multi-node support is deprecated.

TimescaleDB v2.13 is the last release that includes multi-node support for PostgreSQL versions 13, 14, and 15.

Attach a data node to a hypertable. The data node should have been previously created using add_data_node.

When a distributed hypertable is created, by default it uses all available data nodes for the hypertable, but if a data node is added after a hypertable is created, the data node is not automatically used by existing distributed hypertables.

If you want a hypertable to use a data node that was created later, you must attach the data node to the hypertable using this function.

node_nameName of data node to attach
hypertableName of distributed hypertable to attach node to
if_not_attachedPrevents error if the data node is already attached to the hypertable. A notice is printed that the data node is attached. Defaults to FALSE.
repartitionChange the partitioning configuration so that all the attached data nodes are used. Defaults to TRUE.
hypertable_idHypertable id of the modified hypertable
node_hypertable_idHypertable id on the remote data node
node_nameName of the attached data node

Attach a data node dn3 to a distributed hypertable conditions previously created with create_distributed_hypertable.

SELECT * FROM attach_data_node('dn3','conditions');
hypertable_id | node_hypertable_id | node_name
5 | 3 | dn3
(1 row)

You must add a data node to your distributed database first with add_data_node first before attaching it.


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