TimescaleDB allows you to move chunks to other data nodes. This can be used when new data nodes are added to a cluster and you want to rebalance the storage across more nodes. It is also helpful when a node needs to be removed from the cluster, which can only happen once all chunks are replicated on other data nodes.


Experimental features could have bugs! They might not be backwards compatible, and could be removed in future releases. Use these features at your own risk, and do not use any experimental features in production.

Required arguments

chunkREGCLASSName of chunk to be copied
source_nodeNAMEData node where the chunk currently resides
destination_nodeNAMEData node where the chunk is to be copied

Sample usage

CALL timescaledb_experimental.move_chunk(‘_timescaledb_internal._dist_hyper_1_1_chunk’, ‘data_node_2’, ‘data_node_3’);
[using-data-tiering]: timescaledb/how-to-guides/data-tiering/

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