Multi-node support is deprecated.

TimescaleDB v2.13 is the last release that includes multi-node support for PostgreSQL versions 13, 14, and 15.

You can copy or move a chunk to a new location within a multi-node environment. The operation happens over multiple transactions so, if it fails, it is manually cleaned up using this function. Without cleanup, the failed operation might hold a replication slot open, which in turn prevents storage from being reclaimed. The operation ID is logged in case of a failed copy or move operation and is required as input to the cleanup function.


Experimental features could have bugs. They might not be backwards compatible, and could be removed in future releases. Use these features at your own risk, and do not use any experimental features in production.

operation_idNAMEID of the failed operation

Clean up a failed operation:

CALL timescaledb_experimental.cleanup_copy_chunk_operation('ts_copy_1_31');

Get a list of running copy or move operations:

SELECT * FROM _timescaledb_catalog.chunk_copy_operation;


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