The compress_chunk function is used to compress (or recompress, if necessary) a specific chunk. This is most often used instead of the add_compression_policy function, when a user wants more control over the scheduling of compression. For most users, we suggest using the policy framework instead.

You can also compress chunks by running the job associated with your compression policy. compress_chunk gives you more fine-grained control by allowing you to target a specific chunk that needs compressing.


You can get a list of chunks belonging to a hypertable using the show_chunks function.

chunk_nameREGCLASSName of the chunk to be compressed
if_not_compressedBOOLEANDisabling this will make the function error out on chunks that are already compressed. Defaults to true.
compress_chunk(REGCLASS) Name of the chunk that was compressed

Compress a single chunk.

SELECT compress_chunk('_timescaledb_internal._hyper_1_2_chunk');


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