Timescale is a cloud-based PostgreSQL platform for resource-intensive workloads. We help you build faster, scale further, and stay under budget. Timescale offers the following PostgreSQL database optimizations:

  • Time-series data: a TimescaleDB instance optimized for your time-series and analytics workloads. Get automated dynamic data partitioning, hybrid row-columnar storage, advanced compression techniques, incremental up-to-date materializations, and specialized analysis functions as well as cloud-only features like transparent tiering and low-cost object storage.

  • All other workloads: a Dynamic PostgreSQL instance where you select a compute range, only paying for the base and the amount of extra CPU as you scale.

All databases are extended with lightning fast vector search, and include all the cloud tooling you'd expect for production use, with automatic backups, high availability, read replicas, data forking, connection pooling, usage-based storage, and much more.

Read about Timescale features in the documentation:

You're now on your way to a great start with Timescale.

You have an unthrottled, 30-day free trial with Timescale to continue to test your use case. Before the end of your trial, make sure you add your credit card information. This ensures a smooth transition after your trial period concludes.

If you have any questions, you can join our community Slack group or contact us directly.

Timescale is a versatile hosting service that provides a growing list of advanced features for your PostgreSQL and time-series data workloads.

For more information about customizing your database configuration, see the Configuration section.


The Timescale Terraform provider provides configuration management resources for Timescale. You can use it to create, rename, resize, delete, and import service. For more information about the supported service configurations and operations, see the Timescale Terraform provider documentation.


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