Timescale Cloud is hosted high-performance PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics. It gives you the reliability of PostgreSQL, the time-series superpowers of Timescale, and the peace of mind of a fully managed service with automatic backup and restore, high availability via replication, seamless scaling and resizing, and much more.

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You're now on your way to a great start with Timescale.

You have an unthrottled, 30-day free trial with Timescale Cloud to continue to test your use case. Before the end of your trial, make sure you add your credit card information. This ensures a smooth transition after your trial period concludes.

If you have any questions, you can join our community Slack group or contact us directly.

Timescale Cloud is a versatile hosting service that provides a growing list of advanced features for your PostgreSQL and time-series data workloads.

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