You can use qStudio to run queries, browse tables, and create charts for your Timescale database.

For more information about qStudio, including download and installation instructions, see

  1. Sign in to the Timescale portal, and navigate to the Services tab. For the service you want to connect to, check it is marked as Running, and take note of the Host, Port, Database name, and Username.

  2. OptionalIf you do not know the password for the service, navigate to the Operations tab, and click Reset password. You can choose your own password for the service, or allow Timescale to generate a secure password for you. Take note of your new password.

  3. Start qStudio, navigate to the Server tab, and click Add Server.

  4. In the Server Properties dialog, complete these details:

    • For Server Type, select Postgres.
    • For Connect By, select Host.
    • For the Host, Port, Database, Username and Password, use your service connection details. For more information about these settings, see the connection section.
  5. Click Test to check if the connection is successful.

  6. Click Add to add the connection. The server is listed in the Server Tree pane.

    Connecting to Timescale service using qstudio

This table provides the description and example values for the fields in Connection dialog of Server Properties.

SettingExample valueDescription
Hostlocalhost,, <REMOTE_HOST> fully qualified server name or IP address of your TimescaleDB server, or the hostname of your Timescale service.
Port5432The port number of the TimescaleDB server, or Timescale service.
Usernamepostgres, tsdbadminThe user name you want to log in with. Use tsdbadmin for Timescale services.
PasswordThe password for the database user you are connecting to.
DatabasetsdbThe name of the database to connect to. For a Timescale service, use tsdb.


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