This tutorial uses Managed Service for TimescaleDB to set up your database, and to set up Grafana.

You need to sign in to your Managed Service for Timescale account to create a new service to run Grafana.

  1. Log in to your Managed Service for TimescaleDB account, and click Create a new service.
  2. In the Select your service section, click TimescaleDB Grafana - Metrics dashboard:
    Select the Grafana service
  3. In the Select your cloud service provider and Select your cloud service region sections, choose the provider and region that you prefer, or accept the default values.
  4. In the Select your service plan section, click Dashboard-1.
  5. In the Provide your service name section, type a name for your new service. In this example, we've used grafana-tutorial.
    Name the Grafana service
  6. When you are happy with your selections, click Create Service to go back to the Services view while your service is created. The status indicator says Rebuilding while the service is created. It is ready for you to use when the indicator is green and says Running. This usually takes a couple of minutes, but different clouds can vary. You can click the service name in the list to see more information and make changes.
    Building the Grafana service

When your service is built, you can log and set up your data services.

  1. In the Managed Service for TimescaleDB Services view, click the name of your new Grafana service.
  2. On the service details page, take a note of the user name and password for your service, and click the link in the Service URI field to open Grafana:
    Building the Grafana service
  3. Log in to Grafana with your service credentials.


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