Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering is a method of connecting separate Cloud private networks to each other. It makes it possible for the virtual machines in the different VPCs to talk to each other directly without going through the public internet. VPC peering is limited to VPCs that share the same Cloud provider.

VPC peering setup is a per project and per region setting. This means that all services created and running utilize the same VPC peering connection. If needed, you can have multiple projects that peer with different connections.


Services are only accessible using your VPC's internal network. They are not accessible from the public internet. TLS certificates for VPC peered services are signed by the Timescale project CA and cannot be validated against a public CA (Let's Encrypt). You can choose service-by-service whether you want to run on a VPC peered network or on the public internet.

You can set up VPC peering on:


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