Update data in a hypertable with a standard UPDATE SQL command.

Update a single row with the syntax UPDATE ... SET ... WHERE. For example, to update a row in the conditions hypertable with new temperature and humidity values, run the following. The WHERE clause specifies the row to be updated.

UPDATE conditions
SET temperature = 70.2, humidity = 50.0
WHERE time = '2017-07-28 11:42:42.846621+00'
AND location = 'office';

You can also update multiple rows at once, by using a WHERE clause that filters for more than one row. For example, run the following to update all temperature values within the given 10-minute span:

UPDATE conditions
SET temperature = temperature + 0.1
WHERE time >= '2017-07-28 11:40'
AND time < '2017-07-28 11:50';


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