This section contains some ideas for troubleshooting common problems experienced with hyperfunctions.

When you have a query that uses a last observation carried forward (locf) function, the query carries forward NULL values by default. If you want the function to ignore NULL values instead, you can set treat_null_as_missing=TRUE as the second parameter in the query. For example:

dev=# select * FROM (select time_bucket_gapfill(4, time,-5,13), locf(avg(v)::int,treat_null_as_missing:=true) FROM (VALUES (0,0),(8,NULL)) v(time, v) WHERE time BETWEEN 0 AND 10 GROUP BY 1) i ORDER BY 1 DESC;
time_bucket_gapfill | locf
12 | 0
8 | 0
4 | 0
0 | 0
-4 |
-8 |
(6 rows)
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