Enable tiered storage to begin migrating rarely used data from Timescale's standard high-performance storage tier to the object storage tier to save on storage costs.

You can enable tiered storage from the Services Overview page in the Timescale console.

  1. In the Timescale console, from the Services list, click the name of the service you want to modify.

  2. In the Overview tab, locate the Tiered Storage card, and click Enable tiered storage. Confirm the action.

  3. Tiered storage can take a few seconds to turn on and once activated shows the amount of data that has been tiered. Once enabled, data can be tiered by manually tiering a chunk or by creating a tiering policy.

    The Timescale Console showing tiered storage enabled

After tiered storage is enabled you must either manually tier data or setup a tiering policy to begin tiering data from your hypertables.


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