Drop chunks manually by time value. For example, drop chunks containing data older than 30 days.


Dropping chunks manually is a one-time operation. To automatically drop chunks as they age, set up a data retention policy.

To drop chunks older than a certain date, use the drop_chunks function. Provide the name of the hypertable to drop chunks from, and a time interval beyond which to drop chunks.

For example, to drop chunks with data older than 24 hours:

SELECT drop_chunks('conditions', INTERVAL '24 hours');

You can also drop chunks between 2 dates. For example, drop chunks with data between 3 and 4 months old.

Supply a second INTERVAL argument for the newer_than cutoff:

SELECT drop_chunks(
older_than => INTERVAL '3 months',
newer_than => INTERVAL '4 months'

You can also drop chunks in the future, for example to correct data with the wrong timestamp. For example, to drop all chunks more than 3 months in the future:

SELECT drop_chunks(
newer_than => now() + INTERVAL '3 months'


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