Materialized hypertables

Continuous aggregates take raw data from the original hypertable, aggregate it, and store the intermediate state in a materialization hypertable. You can modify this materialized hypertable in the same way as any other hypertable.

Discover the name of a materialized hypertable

To change a materialized hypertable, you need to use its fully qualified name. To find the correct name, use the timescaledb_information.continuous_aggregates view). You can then use the name to modify it in the same way as any other hypertable.

Discovering the name of a materialized hypertable

  1. At the psqlprompt, query timescaledb_information.continuous_aggregates:
    SELECT view_name, format('%I.%I', materialization_hypertable_schema,
            materialization_hypertable_name) AS materialization_hypertable
        FROM timescaledb_information.continuous_aggregates;
  2. Locate the name of the hypertable you want to adjust in the results of the query. The results look like this:
    view_name         |            materialization_hypertable
    conditions_summary_hourly | _timescaledb_internal._materialized_hypertable_30
    conditions_summary_daily  | _timescaledb_internal._materialized_hypertable_31
    (2 rows)

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