VPC peering with AWS in Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud allows you to create a private network peering connection between your cloud VPC and the Timescale Cloud cloud infrastructure where your Timescale services are hosted.

VPC peering isolates your Timescale Cloud services ensuring that they are only accessible via your peered VPC, offering greater security due to a reduced attack vector surface.

The Timescale Cloud console makes creating and configuring your VPC peering connections simple. It provides controls for adding and removing VPC peering connections, migrating services to and from VPCs, and creating new services with VPC peering attachments.

Requirements and limitations

To use Timescale Cloud VPC peering, you need your own cloud VPC, where your applications and infrastructure are already running.

If you do not have administrative access to your cloud provider account, you will need to work with someone from your team with sufficient permissions to:

  • accept VPC peering requests,
  • configure route table rules,
  • configure security group and firewall rules.


Timescale Cloud defaults to a limit of 3 VPCs per project. If you need more VPCs, you may contact support to request a quota increase.


Once you have attached your Timescale Cloud service to a VPC, it will no longer be accessible via the public internet. It will only be accessible via your AWS VPC which has been peered with your Timescale Cloud VPC.

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