To modify the schema of an existing hypertable, you can use the ALTER TABLE command. When you change the hypertable schema, the changes are also propagated to each underlying chunk.


While you can change the schema of an existing hypertable, you cannot change the schema of a continuous aggregate. For continuous aggregates, the only permissible changes are renaming a view, setting a schema, changing the owner, and adjusting other parameters.

For example, to add a new column called address to a table called distributors:

ALTER TABLE distributors
ADD COLUMN address varchar(30);

This creates the new column, with all existing entries recording NULL for the new column.

Changing the schema can, in some cases, consume a lot of resources. This is especially true if it requires underlying data to be rewritten. If you want to check your schema change before you apply it, you can use a CHECK constraint, like this:

ALTER TABLE distributors
CHECK (char_length(zipcode) = 5);

This scans the table to verify that existing rows meet the constraint, but does not require a table rewrite.

For more information, see the PostgreSQL ALTER TABLE documentation.


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