Get better performance by tuning your TimescaleDB database to match your system resources and PostgreSQL version. timescaledb-tune is an open source command line tool that analyzes and adjusts your database settings.

timescaledb-tune is packaged with binary releases of TimescaleDB. If you installed TimescaleDB from any binary release, including Docker, you already have access. For more install instructions, see the GitHub repository.

Run timescaledb-tune from the command line. The tool analyzes your postgresql.conf file to provide recommendations for memory, parallelism, write-ahead log, and other settings. These changes are written to your postgresql.conf. They take effect on the next restart.

  1. At the command line, run timescaledb-tune. To accept all recommendations automatically, include the --yes flag.

  2. If you didn't use the --yes flag, respond to each prompt to accept or reject the recommendations.

  3. The changes are written to your postgresql.conf.


For detailed instructions and other options, see the documentation in the Github repository.


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