Promscale is a unified metric and trace observability backend for Prometheus, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry. It is built on PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB.

Promscale provides robust and 100% PromQL-compliant Prometheus remote storage. Promscale is also a certified Jaeger storage backend that is durable and scalable.

Unlike other observability backends, it has a simple and easy-to-manage architecture with just two components: the Promscale Connector and the Promscale database. The Promscale database consists of PostgreSQL with the TimescaleDB and Promscale extensions.

Promscale with Timescale Cloud

The best way to use Promscale is with Timescale Cloud, a fully hosted and managed database platform. Enjoy all the best features of Promscale without the hassle of managing your database. Timescale Cloud provides automatic backups and failover, high availability, flexible scaling, security and data compliance, VPC peering, and much more. Get cost savings of up to 94% compared to managed Prometheus offerings from AWS, GCP and Grafana.

Get started for free

For more information about using Promscale with Timescale Cloud, see the Promscale installation guide for details.

For more about Promscale, see our developer documentation.

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