Promscale allows you to extract more meaningful insights from your metrics data. It is an open source long-term store for Prometheus data designed for analytics. Promscale is built on top of TimescaleDB, and is a horizontally scalable and operationally mature platform for Prometheus data that uses PromQL and SQL to allow you to ask any question, create any dashboard, and achieve greater visibility into your systems.

Promscale has consistently been one of the only long-term stores for Prometheus data that continues to maintain top performance. It received a 100% compliance test score each time, with no cross-cutting concerns, from PromLab's PromQL Compliance Test Suite.

For more information about Promscale, see our blog post, or check out the demo. If you have any questions, you can join the Promscale channel on the TimescaleDB Community Slack.

Promscale architecture

Prometheus writes data to the Promscale Connector using its remote_write interface. The Connector writes data to TimescaleDB. PromQL queries can be directed to the Connector, or to the Prometheus instance, which then reads data from the Connector using the remote_read interface. The Connector then fetches data from TimescaleDB. SQL queries can be directed to TimescaleDB directly.

For a detailed description of this architecture, see our design document.

For more documentation, see our developer documentation.

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