Install Promscale

You can install Promscale in several different ways. The method you choose depends on if your system is instrumented and collecting telemetry, or if you need to set these up.

Promscale does not, by default, provide instrumentation to collect telemetry from your applications and infrastructure. It is expected that you use Prometheus to collect metrics. You can also use OpenTelemetry to collect traces. When you have the instrumentation set up, you can use Promscale to ingest the metrics and telemetry data.

Install Promscale without instrumentation

If you have Prometheus or OpenTelemetry installed, you can install Promscale using one of these methods:

You can also use our prom-migrator tool to migrate your existing Prometheus data into Promscale.

When you have Promscale installed, you can configure Prometheus and OpenTelemetry to send data to Promscale.


Support for OpenTelemetry traces is currently in beta and is disabled by default. If you want to send your OpenTelemetry traces to Promscale, see the instructions in the tracing documentation.

Install Promscale with instrumentation

If you have a Kubernetes environment, you can install a complete, pre-configured observability stack with Promscale. The observability stack (tobs) for Kubernetes includes Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and Promscale.

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