Visualize data in Promscale

Promscale can be used as a Prometheus data source for visualization tools like Grafana and PromLens.

Connect Promscale and Grafana

This section shows you how to connect Promscale as a Prometheus data source in Grafana.

Before you begin, you need the IP address of your Promscale instance. You can find this at the command prompt, using this command:


The IP address is listed in the NetworkSettings → Networks → IPAddress section.

Alternatively, you can set the URL as http://promscale:9201, where promscale is the name of the container.

Connecting Promscale and Grafana

  1. Install Grafana from the official Docker image:
    docker run -d \
      -p 3000:3000 \
      --network promscale-timescaledb \
      --name=grafana \
      -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=grafana-clock-panel,grafana-simple-json-datasource" \
  2. Navigate to localhost:3000 in your browser and log in to Grafana with username admin, and password admin. You are prompted set a new password.
  3. Navigate to Configuration → Data Sources → Add data source → Prometheus.
  4. Configure the data source settings:
    • In the Name field, type Promscale.
    • In the URL field, type http://<PROMSCALE-IP-ADDR>:9201, using the IP address of your Promscale instance.
    • Use the default values for all other settings.

When you configured Promscale as a data source in Grafana, you can create a Grafana panel using Promscale as the data source. The query powering the panel is written in PromQL.

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