Install Promscale on Kubernetes

You can install Promscale on Kubernetes using Helm or using a manifest file.

Install Promscale with Helm

You can install Promscale using Helm charts. The Helm charts must be installed in this order:

  1. Install the TimescaleDB Helm chart
  2. Install the Promscale Helm chart

Before you begin, you must have installed Helm. For more information, including packages and installation instructions, see the Helm documentation

Install the TimescaleDB Helm chart

Before you install the TimescaleDB Helm chart, you need to configure these settings in the values.yaml configuration file:

  • Credentials for the superuser, admin, and other users
  • TLS Certificates
  • Optional: pgbackrest configuration


If you do not configure the user credentials before you start, they are randomly generated. When this happens, the helm upgrade command does not rotate the credentials, to prevent breaking the database by changing the database credentials instead it uses the same credentials that are generated during the helm install.

Installing the TimescaleDB Helm chart

  1. Add the TimescaleDB Helm chart repository:
    helm repo add timescale ''
  2. Check that the repository is up to date:
    helm repo update
  3. Install the TimescaleDB Helm chart, using a release name of your choice:
    helm install <MY_RELEASE> timescale/timescaledb-single

You can provide arguments to the helm install command using this format: --set key=value[,key=value]. For example, to install the chart with backups enabled, use this command:

helm install my-release charts/timescaledb-single --set backup.enabled=true

Alternatively, you can provide a YAML file that includes parameters for installing the chart, like this:

helm install my-release -f myvalues.yaml charts/timescaledb-single

Install the Promscale Helm chart

When you have your TimescaleDB Helm chart installed, you can install the Promscale Helm chart. Promscale needs to access your TimescaleDB database. You can provide the database URI, or specify connection parameters.

Installing the Promscale Helm chart

  1. Add the TimescaleDB Helm chart repository:

    helm repo add timescale ''
  2. Check that the repository is up to date:

    helm repo update
  3. Open the values.yaml configuration file, download the tobs values.yaml from here and locate the connection section. Add or edit this section with your TimescaleDB connection details:

  4. Install the Promscale Helm chart:

    helm install my-release timescale/promscale -f values.yaml


    Replace my-release with the name of your choice

Install Promscale with a manifest file

This section includes instructions to install the Promscale Connector using a manifest file. To deploy TimescaleDB on Kubernetes use helm charts instead. Alternatively, you can install TimescaleDB on a host.

Installing the Promscale Connector with a manifest

  1. Download the template manifest file:
    curl --output promscale-connector.yaml
  2. Edit the manifest and configure the TimescaleDB database details using the parameters starting with <PROMSCALE_DB>.
  3. Deploy the manifest:
    kubectl apply -f promscale-connector.yaml

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