Send OpenTelemetry data to Promscale

Promscale natively supports the OpenTelemetry Line Protocol (OTLP) for traces. You can use any of the OpenTelemetry client SDKs, instrumentation libraries or the OpenTelemetry Collector to send traces to Promscale using OTLP. Currently, only gRPC is supported.


Support for OpenTelemetry traces is currently in beta and is disabled by default. If you want to send your OpenTelemetry traces to Promscale, see the instructions in the tracing documentation.

Configure the OpenTelemetry Collector

You can configure the OpenTelemetry collector to forward traces to Promscale. Promscale listens to OTLP data on the port you specified with the otlp-grpc-server-listen-address parameter when you started the Promscale connector.

Open the OpenTelemetry collector configuration file, and forward the OTLP traces to Promscale by adding or editing these lines:

    endpoint: "<connector-host>:<OTLP-port>"
    insecure: true

Replace <connector-host> and <OTLP-port> with the corresponding hostname and port. For example, if you are running the OTLP Collector and the Promscale Connector on a Kubernetes cluster the endpoint parameter would be similar to endpoint: "promscale-connector.default.svc.cluster.local:9202"

Configure the OpenTelemetry instrumentation

We recommend that you use the OpenTelemetry Collector to export data to an observability backend in production. However, you can also send data from OpenTelemetry instrumentation libraries and SDKs directly to Promscale using OTLP.

The specifics of the configuration depend on each SDK and library. See the corresponding GitHub repository or the OpenTelemetry documentation for more information.

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