There are multiple ways to help make TimescaleDB better. All of the documentation and source for the PostgreSQL extension are available to use and review on GitHub.

Timescale documentation is hosted in a GitHub repository and is open for contribution from all community members. If you find errors or would like to add content to the docs, this tutorial walks you through the process.

If you want to make only minor changes to docs, you can make corrections and submit pull requests on the GitHub website. Go to the file you want to correct and click the 'pencil' icon to edit. Once done, GitHub gives you an option to submit a pull request at the bottom of the page.

In order to modify documentation, you should have a working knowledge of git and Markdown. You also need to create a GitHub account.

Be sure to read the Timescale docs contribution styleguide. You'll see information about how we refer to aspects of Timescale, how we format our docs, and special Markdown tags available to you as you author your contribution.

Before we accept any contributions, Timescale contributors need to sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). By signing a CLA, we can ensure that the community is free and confident in its ability to use your contributions. You are prompted to sign the CLA during the pull request process.

Timescale appreciates any help the community can provide to make TimescaleDB better!

There are multiple ways you can help:

  • Open an issue with a bug report, build issue, feature request, suggestion, etc.
  • Fork this repository and submit a pull request

Head over to our GitHub repository for TimescaleDB to learn more about how you can help and to review our coding style guide!


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