Add time-series data

To explore TimescaleDB's features, you need some sample data. This tutorial provides real-time stock trade data, also known as tick data, from Twelve Data.

About the dataset

The dataset contains second-by-second stock-trade data for the top 100 most-traded symbols, in a hypertable named stocks_real_time. It also includes a separate table of company symbols and company names, in a regular PostgreSQL table named company.

The dataset is updated on a nightly basis and contains data from the last four weeks, typically ~8 million rows of data. Stock trades are recorded in real-time Monday through Friday, typically during normal trading hours of the New York Stock Exchange (9:30 AM - 4:00 PM EST).


In case you want to ingest real-time data, instead of sample data, read the tutorial Ingest real-time financial websocket data and ingest data directly from the Twelve Data financial API.

Table details

stocks_real_time: contains stock data. Includes stock price quotes at every second during trading hours.

timetimestamptzTimestamp column incrementing second by second
symboltextSymbols representing a company, mapped to company names in the company table
pricedouble precisionStock quote price for a company at the given timestamp
day_volumeintNumber of shares traded each day, NULL values indicate the market is closed

company: contains a mapping for symbols to company names.

symboltextthe symbol representing a company name
nametextCorresponding company name

Ingest the dataset

To ingest data into the tables that you created, you need to download the dataset and copy the data to your database.

Ingesting the dataset

  1. Download the file. The file contains two .csv files; one with company information, and one with real-time stock trades for the past month. Download:

  2. In a new terminal window, run this command to unzip the .csv files:

  3. At the psql prompt, use the COPY command to transfer data into your TimescaleDB instance. If the .csv files aren't in your current directory, specify the file paths in the following commands:

    \COPY stocks_real_time from './tutorial_sample_tick.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;
    \COPY company from './tutorial_sample_company.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;

    Because there are millions of rows of data, the COPY process may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection and local client resources.


If you're using a Docker container, add the data files to your container before copying them into your database.

To add files to your container:

docker cp tutorial_sample_tick.csv timescaledb:/tutorial_sample_tick.csv
docker cp tutorial_sample_company.csv timescaledb:/tutorial_sample_company.csv

Next steps

Now that you have data in your TimescaleDB instance, learn how to query the data.

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