This section contains some ideas for troubleshooting common problems experienced with distributed hypertables.

ERROR: cannot create a unique index without the column "<COLUMN_NAME>" (used in partitioning)

You might get a unique index and partitioning column error in 2 situations:

  • When creating a primary key or unique index on a hypertable
  • When creating a hypertable from a table that already has a unique index or primary key

For more information on how to fix this problem, see the section on creating unique indexes on hypertables.

ERROR: invalid attribute number -6 for _hyper_2_839_chunk
CONTEXT: SQL function "hypertable_local_size" statement 1 PL/pgSQL function hypertable_detailed_size(regclass) line 26 at RETURN QUERY SQL function "hypertable_size" statement 1
SQL state: XX000

You might see this error if your hypertable indexes have become very large. To resolve the problem, reindex your hypertables with this command:

reindex table _timescaledb_internal._hyper_2_1523284_chunk

For more information, see the hypertable documentation.



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