We've created a host of code-focused tutorials that will help you get started with TimescaleDB.

Most of these tutorials require a working installation of TimescaleDB.

Common scenarios for using TimescaleDB

  • Time-series Forecasting: Use R, Apache MADlib and Python to perform data analysis and make forecasts on your data.
  • Analyze Cryptocurrency Data: Use TimescaleDB to analyze historic cryptocurrency data. Learn how to build your own schema, ingest data, and analyze information in TimescaleDB.

Integrating with Grafana

Additional resources

  • Sample data sets: And if you want to explore on your own with some sample data, we have some ready-made data sets for you to explore.
  • Simulate IoT Sensor Data: Simulate a basic IoT sensor dataset on PostgreSQL or TimescaleDB.
  • psql installation: psql is a terminal-based front-end for PostgreSQL. Learn how to install psql on Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, and pick up some valuable psql tips and tricks along the way.