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Timescale is a hosted, cloud-native Timescale service that allows you to quickly spin up new Timescale instances. In addition to your Timescale databases, you can also create services that run standard PostgreSQL, without Timescale's time-series capabilities. PostgreSQL services are less expensive to run than Timescale services, so they are a great option if you're running relational databases alongside your time-series databases.

You can try Timescale for free, no credit card required.

For installation instructions, and help getting your first service up and running, see the Getting Started section.

  1. Sign in to the Timescale portal.

  2. Click Create service.

  3. In the Create a service dialog, click Advanced configuration.

  4. In the Choose your service type section, check PostgreSQL.

  5. Complete the other fields according to your environment.

  6. Click Create service to build your PostgreSQL service.

    Create a new PostgreSQL service in the Timescale portal

When you return to the Timescale Services page, your PostgreSQL service is marked with a PostgreSQL tag, so you can easily distinguish it from your time-series services:

A running PostgreSQL service with a running Timescale service in the Timescale portal


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