Disk size autoscaling is enabled by default on most services. Timescale also allows you to resize compute (CPU/RAM) and storage independently at any time. This is useful when you need to do something like increasing your storage capacity, but not your compute size. You can resize compute and storage in the Timescale console for any service, including members of multi-node clusters.

Storage changes are applied with no downtime, and the new storage capacity is usually available for use within a few seconds.

  • Storage can only be increased in size. You cannot decrease the amount of storage capacity your service has available.
  • Storage size changes can only be made once every six hours.
  • Storage can range in size from 10 GB to 16 TB, and can be changed in various increments.

You can increase or decrease the compute size of your service at any time, with a short downtime.

  • There is momentary downtime while the new compute settings are applied. In most cases, this downtime is less than 30 seconds.
  • Because compute changes require an interruption to your service, plan accordingly so that the settings are applied during an appropriate service window.

To modify the compute or storage of your service, select the service that you want to modify, and navigate to the Operations tab. Go to the Resources section to see the current resource settings for the service.

View Timescale service resource information

When you change compute or storage settings, the current and new hourly charges are displayed immediately so that you can verify how the changes impact your costs.

You can use the Timescale console to change how much CPU and memory resources your service has available, as well as change the disk size for your service. You can adjust this manually as required, or for disk size you can use autoscaling.


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