You can create a compression policy within the Timescale console.

In most cases, an automated compression policy is sufficient. However, if you want more control over compression, you can also manually compress specific chunks. For more information about manually compressing chunks, see the compression in self-hosted TimescaleDb section.


Compression alters data on your disk, so always back up before you start.

You can set a compression policy on a hypertable directly from the Timescale Cloud console.

  1. In the Service Explorer, select a hypertable.

  2. Select the Policies tab.

  3. In the Compression policy section, click Create compression policy. A suggested policy interval is pre-selected for you, but you can change this in the next step.

    A screenshot of the compression policy section, showing the Create compression policy button and a default policy interval of 14 days.
  4. A modal is shown with options for different compression policy intervals. Select your desired interval, and click Save changes.

  5. Your new compression policy appears in the list of policies. You can expand each row to see the policy details and change your configuration.


    Compression begins immediately if you already have data older than the selected interval. The order of compression is from oldest to newest chunks.


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