Deploying TimescaleDB

TimescaleDB expands PostgreSQL for time-series data. Leveraging PostgreSQL rock-solid foundations, it gives it the extra performance, scalability, and usability required to handle relentless streams of time-series data. TimescaleDB is packaged as a PostgreSQL extension. If you're self-hosting your own PostgreSQL instance, TimescaleDB can be added to it completely for free.

Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud is the hosted high-performance PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics. It gives you the reliability of PostgreSQL, the time-series superpowers of TimescaleDB, and the peace of mind of a fully managed service with automatic backup and restore, high availability via replication, seamless scaling and resizing, and much more. We recommend using Timescale Cloud if you're hosting in AWS.

Learn how to create your first instance in Timescale Cloud.

Managed Service for TimescaleDB

To serve TimescaleDB deployments in Azure, GCP, and certain regions in AWS, we've partnered with the vendor Aiven to offer Managed Service for TimescaleDB. This is a managed database platform through which you'll be able to deploy TimescaleDB instances with ease, automating operational tasks like scaling, resizing, configuring high availability, and much more.

Learn how to create your first instance in managed TimescaleDB.

Self-hosted deployments

TimescaleDB is available in most common installation formats, across a wide variety of architectures. Whether you need deployment packages for a Linux distribution, or a Docker image for your cluster deployment, it's all here.

See a listing of current deployment options for self-hosted installations.

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