Deploying TimescaleDB

TimescaleDB can quickly be deployed and ready to use with one of our fully managed hosting options. There are also multiple options for deploying TimescaleDB in your own environment, including Docker images and K8 Helm charts.

Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud combines the power and reliability of TimescaleDB with a fully managed, cloud-native experience that is easy to start and less expensive to operate. Creating an account in Timescale Cloud takes 30 seconds and allows you to quickly deploy instances of many sizes.

Learn how to create your first instance in Timescale Cloud.

Managed Service for TimescaleDB

Managed Service for TimescaleDB is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering that provides an easy way for you to analyze time-series. Powered by TimescaleDB, you can create database instances in the cloud and automate many of your most common operational tasks. This allows you to spend more time focusing on your time-series workloads and less time worrying about database management. Managed Service for TimescaleDB is available in 75+ regions across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Learn how to create your first instance in managed TimescaleDB.

Self-hosted deployments

TimescaleDB is available in most common installation formats, across a wide variety of architectures. Whether you need deployment packages for a Linux distro, or a Docker image for your cluster deployment, we have you covered!

See a listing of current deployment options for self-hosted installations.

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